Thursday, February 9, 2017

DIY Mud Kitchen!

I FINALLY got around to giving my boy a mud kitchen for those mud pies he is always making!

So my husband and I have had this scrap piece of counter floating around for forever. Seriously, forever. It was once used as a work table before he opened his actual shop business. Then, it was in our back yard but not in our son's back yard (we have a huge fenced in yard. We fenced off a smaller section for our son, because we have a dog that we never walk..and well, yeah..LOL!) and we used it right over the smaller fence for our green onions, basil, parsley, etc.

Well, of course we killed those all eventually. So the past few months, it's just been sitting there. The other day I was outside with the munchkins and I happened to look at it and immediately (after it being around THIS LONG!) thought ... omg! A mud kitchen! It's basically a piece of kitchen already. Goodness gracious, DUH!

We picked it up several years ago from our friends grandmothers house after they renovated her kitchen. Like I said, it served multiple purposes for us over the years. Now, we've passed it down to our dirty, muddy 3 year old. He LOVES it. It also serves as twice the fun for us since we have the child care. Straight muddy, mud pie making, dirt slingin' fun for 5 children. We also live in FL - we have already played in water twice this year and it's only the beginning of February. Looking like we will spend lots of time out here!

Here's a picture for inspiration. I didn't think to take a before and after, or even during but it's pretty simple and to the point. You could really make it out of anything! Pallets, scrap wood, old dressers.. Really. Anything.

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